On January 27th Apple released its latest product the iPad, not to be confused with iPod. Now most of you devoted apple lovers, such as myself, have probably already seen or heard about this, but for those that haven't (mom and dad) then you want to click on the following links.

The ipad may be Apple's greatest innovation to date, but no one will truly know for at least one year. Much like the iphone, you only interact with the product by touching its surface directly with your fingers; and also like the iphone, designers will start creating apps specifically for this product. What does all this mean? Well, we are probably looking at a new "genre" of technology. You can't compare this to a laptop, or a phone, or a netbook - because it's not any of those things. It's just simple and beautiful - a trademark of Apple and Steve Jobs, the company founder and CEO.

In fact, Fortune magazine named Steve Jobs the CEO of the decade. Why might you ask? Well, he started Apple, then was fired, then created Pixar (the movie animation company responsible for Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Cars, and the lastest movie UP), then when Apple started to tank in the 90's he was rehired, and has since sent the company soaring to forefront of design, technology, and profit all in the worst economical time our country has seen. Side note* Job's sold Pixar to Disney this decade for 7 Billion dollars making himself the single largest shareholder of Disney stock!!! Not to mention the fact that he has reinvented the computer industry many times as well as the movie, music, and telecommunications industries. Think about that for a minute. . . . . who else has forever changed FOUR entire separate business markets?

So if any of you are thinking about a "WELCOME BACK TO AMERICA" gift for me, this is it:


and a review from my favorite tech person:


Be well all.

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