Well it's raining again - probably will for about a week. Just dreary and miserable out. It is amazing how much the weather affects our mood and sense of motivation. Like the motivation to type...


In the few hours that I do turn my computer on every few days I am discouraged by the fact that my internet connection is very slow. It has made it impossible for me to post pictures that I want people to see. I also cannot load YouTube videos, download files, or research interesting topics that I come across in my interaction with the world. Oh well. Two more Americans have arrived in the last month and since we all have computers, we are all furthering the problem. Fast internet is one thing I miss from the good 'ole USA.

Slept in today - last night was a stressful rehearsal. Today I went for a run and took many pictures along the way. Spent about an hour out and about. It was nice. Many things remind me of Michigan. I am really looking forward to getting back there.

I think that's it.

Hope you are well.