Well, it's a bit chilly here right now. About 6 degrees Celsius. I worked outside today to help paint and I was wearing almost everything I brought: short socks, long socks, dress socks; shorts, track pants, sweats; t-shirt, long shirt, hoodie, fleece, 2nd fleece; stocking hat, scarf, two pairs of gloves... it was tough but I made it. Just finished cleaning the church and now I have some down time until dinner and rehearsal.

On an unrelated note, I was informed today that a referendum did not pass for the middle school were I teach percussion lessons. This means these kids have just lost ALL of their extra-curricular activities, which includes band and choir class, and several people have lost their jobs. This weighs heavy on my heart and I'm not sure what do to with this news. I'm sure it will be on my mind for some time to come.

Here is a picture from the cold rainy day.

OK. So here are some photos.

1. Mt. Fuji

2. Tokyo from the sky

3. The entrance to the church grounds.

4. The "Dome House" where I am staying.