Well, as you can tell it snowed last night. Right now the temperature is up to 3 C in the middle of the afternoon - still very pretty though. We were outside cleaning in preparation for a big festival that is coming up. You can see the blizzard in the second picture. YIKES! Lunch was a welcomed break from the cold. The menu: curry with white rice and Japanese noodles in a warm broth. Very, very oishi (delicious). I was trying to think if I have ever had curry before and nothing rings a bell so I believe this is my first time. One thing that has surprised me is that we haven't eaten all Japanese food all the time. We have had Chinese, Korean, and Indian as well. I suppose it makes a lot of sense. Just like we enjoy a lot of different Mexican food (since that is what is near to the US), they are sampling their surrounding cuisine. It is all about geography. Kinda funny how that works.

Happy Birthday Brettster!!!