When I was in Tokyo I ate at a restaurant that serves sushi on a conveyor belt. I don't know why I think that is so awesome, but I do. Then they charge you by how many dishes you have at the end. SUGOY.


I went to college to study art and music and that is how I have made a living for the last few years. I have now traveled halfway around the world for the same reasons and yet, concrete work has still found me. There were some other things I could have worked on today but I figured, this is probably the thing I know the most about while asking the least amount of questions. I know the process and order of events and so I really can't mess it up. You'd be proud Dad. Today was phase II - "Concret-o" as the Japanese say.

OK. The wall is set. Time to pour.

Japanese version of Uncle Ed running the conveyor, or in this case concrete pump.

Here I am on top of the wall.

Here's the crew after a job well done. By the way all - all of these men are musicians. So after the work day, and dinner, and church, they will all be marching and playing instruments at rehearsal tonight. Right next to me.