Yesterday after we finished work and had Oyets (snack time) someone brought in "Mr. Donut." Yes, it is exactly as oishi (delicious) as it sounds. So naturally, I looked up Mr. Donut on Google maps and decided to go for a walk. I walked from where I am staying down into a busier part of town in hopes of finding an afternoon desert. It was quite a windy day and the clouds blocked the sunshine from my face; however I was undeterred in my mission. After about a 30 min walk down and around the city, I came across a 7/11. I walked in to compare it to America's 7/11's (aside from everything written in kanji it's not different at all) and I thought about asking for some help in broken Japanese but I realized that would take the fun out of exploration (and lets face it, there was absolutely no way that was going to work). Low and behold, as soon as I walked out of the store there was the "MR. DONUT" sign, high in the sky. Thanks 7/11, you pointed me in the right direction.

Self serve. NICE!!!


... and after...

... and I had to grab a box to go for all the guys back at church. They have helped me so much.

All in all it was an awesome experience. It was the first time I spent actual Yen, first time without Japanese translation, and the first time out by myself. I must say, this culture's attention to detail is superb. They packed my donuts neatly and individually wrapped - the guy that did this also took the time to include those little plastic sheets to grab the donuts with, in which he perfectly folded additional napkins and laid them on top. I was so impressed the whole time. Not once did I think, "HEY MAN! THEY'RE JUST DONUTS. FINISH UP SO I CAN GO EAT THEM." No, I thought, "Back in America, even the nicest and most important things are thrown around and handled with such haste and disregard." I witness examples such as these daily.

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