Our first performance today followed by a dinner I will never forget. The marching band director took the Americans out for dinner to an authentic Japanese restaurant. I can only try to explain the evening in the following paragraph and pictures. . .

Private rooms to eat in - shoes off at the door please. Sitting on pillows on the floor at a table that is 12 inches of the ground. Served by Japanese waitresses in authentic kimonos that kneel to serve you everything from a hot towl, to saki, to appetizers, tea and bring the main dishes which was called "Shabu shabu". We took raw meat and vegetables and cooked them ourselves in boiling water (at our table) and then enjoyed. Extremely delicious when dipped in these sauces...

and for dessert: Cherry Blossom Ice Cream. NICE.

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  1. Looks delicious...like our version of fondue! I am looking foward to seeing you and hearing about all of your experiences.